ArmA3 – Nexus Update

It’s been a wee while since our last major release, but the months in between have been busy! Since April, we’ve shared a cavalcade of significant updates (and a couple of cheeky reveals to boot). This period also presented us with an opportunity – namely, the pre-production of next year’s expansion – to take stock of our backlog, priorities and preferences. It’s been an intense, rewarding experience, which resulted in the creation of our 2015-16 roadmap and, later this week, the launch of our first ‘deliverable’: Arma 3 Nexus Update.

We think of Nexus as a vital stepping-stone on the path towards Arma 3 Apex; simply put, it focuses upon enhancing gameplay features, content and systems. On the cusp of its launch, we’d like to introduce this update, share the improvements it brings right now, and discuss where it fits within our ‘bigger picture’ plans. Before setting out the ‘core mechanics’ refinements, we’ll dig into some new MP content, and tie things up with an introduction to ‘mod dependencies’, and a peek at our new community service, ‘Arma 3 Units’.

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