DCS Multicrew

Ok it seems like ED have added the full capability for 2 seat aircraft finally. They have used the L-39 as the test bed for this functionality and introduced the following mission editor options for the aircraft:

Ask Always
Equally Responsible

and there is a new keystroke available but needing to be mapped for “Request Aircraft Control

A snip from someone’s post who tested it recently in DCS2.0 Alpha:

In a quick test with a squad mate we found out that in options control you have to assign a command to the “Request Control”. We used this in the Ask Always configuration in the ME.

From there after game starts the one who doesn’t have control can use that hot key to ask for control. Popup window appears the other pilot accepts – the controls changes hands.

There does seem to be some inconsistencies with graphics as far as plane surfaces and mutual controls but I am sure they will get them ironed out. They are definitely going in the right direction here!!

So once things get sorted out and DCS 2 is mainstream it looks like we can do actual flight training with a trainee and IP as well as this new feature should eventually become useful for other twin seat or multicrew aircraft (like WW2 bombers etc)

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