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For those that don’t get the newsletter via email here is the major news item covering how the various versions will be merged over the next few months. First date of interest for the Squadron is end of December when DCS 1.5 becomes the main stable version and 1.2.16 is retired. All pilots should aim to get DCS 1.5 installed somewhere over the New Year’s break if possible so flying and training of new pilots can progress in 2016 to make the change over to the P40 as smooth as possible.



A Review of DCS Versions:

At this time we have three different versions of DCS World available and we understand that some of you may be a little confused. In order to provide more clarity, here is what you need to know:

Ver. 1.2. This is the current released (stable) version of the game that includes all modules except the Nevada DLC map. It however uses our older graphics engine. You can download it here: DCS 1.2.16

Ver. 1.5. This version includes all the same content as Ver. 1.2, but uses the new graphics engine. At the end of December 2015, we plan to move Ver. 1.5 out of Open Beta and make it the new released (stable) version. At that time, Ver. 1.2 will no longer be updated and supported. You can download it here: DCS 1.5 Beta

Ver. 2.0. This version uses the same, new engine as 1.5, but ONLY works with the Nevada DLC map at this time. We are continually updating the Nevada DLC map now using this version. For now, Ver. 2.0 is being used as a test bed for the Nevada DLC map. You can download it here: DCS 2.0 Alpha

Once versions 1.5 and 2.0 are debugged and working well next year, we will integrate them into a common Ver. 2.0 release (stable) version that will include both the free Caucasus map, the Nevada DLC map, and future maps. At that time, we will drop Ver. 1.5 and Ver. 2.0 will be the only supported DCS World version.



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