Some new pics………

I‘ve been updating my published missions slowly so they comply with DCS 1.5+ and during a quick test run took some pics that look (I think) pretty good.


Note the damage caused by a flak hit to the cockpit. Fractured glass and oil

Screen_160119_222457 Screen_160119_222454 Screen_160119_222423 Screen_160119_222358 Screen_160119_222353 Screen_160119_221957 Screen_160119_221908 Screen_160119_221812 Screen_160119_221750 Screen_160119_221730 Screen_160119_221600 Screen_160119_221528


  1. Squog
    Jan 20, 2016

    Nice! -Rudel-‘s template?

  2. Stonehouse
    Jan 20, 2016


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