Yep been testing missions and playing about with graphics settings again…

And you know what that means……..lots of pics!! SweetFX for DX 11 is great!


Screen_160204_154910 Screen_160204_154942 Screen_160204_155124 Screen_160204_155159 Screen_160204_155219 Screen_160204_155224 Screen_160204_155232 Screen_160204_155240 Screen_160204_130520 Screen_160204_153353 Screen_160204_153606 Screen_160204_153623 Screen_160204_153717 Screen_160204_153754 Screen_160204_153847 Screen_160204_153853 Screen_160204_154445 Screen_160204_154448 Screen_160204_154453 Screen_160204_154522 Screen_160204_154600 Screen_160204_154608 Screen_160204_154855 Screen_160204_154902


  1. Squog
    Feb 4, 2016

    Looks pretty good! How are the frames for you?

  2. Stonehouse
    Feb 4, 2016

    averaging about 35-40. It does dip at times. Not sure how it would go in the cockpit as I was running as an observer. Thinking about a 970 with 4 GB in the next couple of months perhaps. Just depends on how the budget is looking.

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