3 way switches & off states for 2 ways switches

Just some interesting news – I’ve finally managed to get my head around modifying the DCS default.lua joystick configuration files to enable 3 way switches and off states for 2 way switches. So for instance I now have the flaps switch on the Warthog throttle have 3 true states mapped to mixture control. Up is idle, middle(manoeuver flaps position) is run and down is full rich. Can also map say the EAC switch (2 position) to be close canopy when up (ARM position) and open canopy when down (OFF).  How is this better? Well in the stock DCS config options I’d either have to use two switches for the canopy (one for each action) or I would at best if a toggle action is available then I have to move the switch at least 3 times (switch up to close, switch down and switch up again to open) to get the same result. By adding an off state I’ve saved a complete switch and just made my life in DCS easier and more intuitive.

In principle this can be adapted to any joystick/throttle by appropriate edits on default.lua. I know it sounds over the top but when you see it work it’s pretty cool. Best used with JSGME so you can revert to stock for patching etc.



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  1. Squog
    Mar 13, 2016

    Nice work!

    I’ve uploaded my own JSGME P-51D Custom Config to teamspeak – it will automatically map to the correct keys on your Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle, too!

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