Multiplayer settings to reduce lag

Looking on DCS forums lately I have seen recommendations to update your autoexec.cfg file for DCS World as follows to reduce lag in multiplayer games:

Suggesting it is worth a try

For 8Mbit down and 2Mbit up connections:

if not net then net = {} end
net.download_speed = 1024*1024
net.upload_speed = 256*1024


For 2Mbit down and 1Mbit up:

if not net then net = {} end
net.download_speed = 256*1024
net.upload_speed =  128*1024

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  1. Stonehouse
    Apr 3, 2016

    Follow on. It seems from another post on this subject that you should set down and up as needed for your connection.
    Saved Games/DCS.openbeta/Config/autoexec.cfg: (create the file if necessary)

    net.download_speed =
    net.upload_speed =

    To replicate old 2Mbps setting:

    net.download_speed = 256*1024
    net.upload_speed = 128*1024

    So taken at face value a 100Mbit down would be
    net.download_speed = 12800*1024

    and a 40Mbit up would be
    net.upload_speed = 5120*1024

    A quick test with Squog seems to have a smooth lag free connection for my 100Mbit down/2Mbit up so it will be interesting to be a client on Squog’s connection with a much larger up bandwidth.

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