Team Fusion v5 Progress

So to start with, apologies for the lack of big updates. Followers of our Facebook page have seen a few new images over the past few weeks but I appreciate that not everyone is into the FB corporate beast so I’ll post a selection of images here too.

Now in previous news I have mentioned a significant area of work we have been involved in and hopefully that is coming to an end and I look forward to being able to show considerably more interesting updates than this one will be. I am hoping the next update I give will be one of great interest to the CloD community and offer a roadmap to TF v6.00 and onwards.

So as I said, this is just a small ‘nibble’ showing some of the WiP and I hope in the next one (yes I hear a sigh of frustration from the Axis flyers ) that the next one will have some images of the new 109F model……but all good things to those who wait

So here are a few images from behind the scenes. Sorry it’s a little sparse but every part of the sim is a part of the work and as such, hopefully this will be enough to keep you going until the next update….which we expect to be pretty cool

-MysticPuma [via ATAG]

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  1. Studly
    Dec 14, 2016

    Someone Please pass me a tissue !!

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