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Statement from Team Fusion

First of all, Team Fusion would like to thank 1C ONLINE GAMES and in particular Nikolay Baryshnikov and Jason Williams for their generosity in signing off on this preliminary Agreement in Principle. The agreement will to allow Team Fusion the opportunity to gain access to the Source Code and partner with 1C. The goal is to develop and refine the original IL-2 STURMOVIK CLIFFS OF DOVER and then to take it further, towards new Map Theaters and Aircraft sets. 1C is one of the few remaining online gaming companies willing to actively support the Flight Simulation genre. They invested considerably in the development of CLIFFS OF DOVER in order to continue the legacy of the original IL-2. Now thanks to 1C’s recognition of Team Fusion’s work, the CLIFFS OF DOVER game engine will move forward again.

TEAM FUSION will be reborn as TEAM FUSION SIMULATIONS. We will be a separate company from 1C Online Games. We will be in partnership with them as an independent developer, with 1C Online Games marketing and distributing the Releases we provide to them. 1C will not be investing in our company, or paying any salaries or contracts, instead, the partnership will revolve around a revenue sharing agreement based on the total sales of our Releases. TFS will live or die depending on the number of games sold. Without a good product and the support of the community we will not succeed.

We are still the same group of die-hard Flight Sim enthusiasts… now we have a chance to do our work with the proper tools in our hands.

We would like to remind the community Flight Sims are a very small niche in the overall online gaming market, and we should all consider offering our support to those gaming companies like 1C who are willing to take a risk on such a small potential market. BATTLE OF STALINGRAD, BATTLE OF MOSCOW and the upcoming BATTLE OF KUBAN are fine examples of the genre, and worthy inheritors of the IL-2 STURMOVIK tradition. TF’s next word of thanks is to our wonderful community. You are the people who kept us in the game, whose cheers and compliments fed our enthusiasm. Without the dedication of the many volunteers who did everything from creating ‘how to’ videos, to creating missions, to organizing online and real life events, we would not have had the chance to be where we are. Our most heartfelt thanks to all. You guys are the BEST! Now we are sure people are very enthusiastic about this announcement, but we would have to caution everyone this is only the first step. We do have every confidence we will be able to sign a final legal agreement with 1C, but there is still a lot of work to be done. The negotiations to this point were tough and businesslike. But thanks to the good faith of both parties, we have an agreement in principle. Team Fusion is also in the process of incorporating, and that is an extremely complex undertaking, with our membership being from around the world.

We also have to add a word of warning to those who think this agreement will speed up the arrival of TF 5.0. While we gain many advantages from our official status, TFS is also now held to higher standards. A North African expansion without a P-40 might be ok for an amateur group to release, now that Team Fusion is operating as a professional organization, we have to acknowledge a Desert Campaign without a P-40 is just not a Desert Campaign. And that is just one of a number of additions or refinements we will need to add to TF 5.0. There has also been the fact these negotiations have introduced a level of uncertainty into the equation. Many members stopped work… because all the many hours they might put in working without the Source Code could be reduced to minutes if we did have access to it. So that slowed down work on TF 5.0. Finally, even when we have access, the Source Code is still a very complex and detailed piece of code, which will take some time to understand. After so many years, it is unclear whether the original manuals and support documents are still available. The following is a general outline of the plan moving forwards.

1. Team Fusion incorporates as TEAM FUSION SIMULATIONS. 1C and TFS sign the final legal agreement. We expect this will happen in January. TFS receives access to the Source Code.

2. Within a few weeks of the signing, TFS releases a single-install compilation of all Team Fusion work up to TF 4.312 as a ‘Community Mod’. This package will be hosted on Steam as an optional update for all original game owners.

3. Within a number of months, TFS releases a new edition of the original game. This will have all the current TF 4.312 ‘mods’, but this time these work-arounds and adaptions will be properly written to the Source Code, and the game will also be upgraded to DX11. In addition, we will provide a number of ‘extras’ over what is currently in TF 4.312. We can’t say what these will be at this point, but we are sure the community will appreciate them. This ‘new’ game will replace the old one on Steam, and will be a free upgrade to those who already own CLIFFS.

4. With a completion date of 2017, work on TF 5.0 will proceed. As mentioned, we will be adding the P-40 to the aircraft already promoted in our TF updates to this point. There will be other additions, although the details will have to wait for our regular updates to reveal.

— Team Fusion Simulations will at some point be moving to a new official website, complete with forums and the progress of our work. The details of this are still being negotiated.

— Finally, we think it is appropriate the Community is finally introduced to the people who made Team Fusion possible. Up to this point we have let ourselves remain anonymous, now we can be a little more upfront with our key members.

Our first mention is for ATAG_Bliss. John Bliss is not an actual modder, he doesn’t work with the files, but he did contribute something which was incredibly important… when we were all starting out, he generously offered the members of TF a secure home with ATAG. It cannot be overstated how important it was for us to have a place to meet, discuss our work and exchange files and information. Everyone knows Bliss holds very strong opinions and ideas… not as many know he has a BIG heart. Thanks John.

ATAG_Colander: Even those in Team Fusion still have a nagging question in their minds… Could Colander possibly… really be… an odd but brilliant Alien life form? One thing for certain, he has other-worldly coding skills. The ‘Core.dll’ of Team Fusion.

Mysticpuma: Our impulsive, mercurial and wildly enthusiastic promotions guy. The man who makes Flight Simmers weak in the knees with anticipation for his update videos.

VO101_Tom: The head of our 3D department, the nicest guy in Team Fusion, always ready to help out junior modelers with advice, always willing to go on Teamspeak for extended seminars. Also the 3D modeler for ships and planes, including the 109E7, Bf-108 as well as the cockpit for the 109F.

Salmo: A quiet but steady presence… Brings our maps to life with texture, detail and incredible perseverance.

ATAG_Slipstream: Our sound wizard, quietly working in the background, deep in the sound machine, creating aural symphonies of engines, props and weapons.

TheVino3: Our visual effects guy. When things go ‘boom’ and your mind goes “Ahhhh…” …that’s Vino. Also a sound contributor.

ATAG_Wolf: Ships and Import/Export. When you see a Battleship swivel its guns and fire a broadside or watch the controls and gauges in the new Beaufighter cockpit work, that is courtesy of Wolf.

Major_Setback: The “Skins_R_Us” for TF. Working tirelessly to create those historically accurate paintschemes you really appreciate.

Kling: A real life pilot with an eye for detail, perfect for getting those landscape and atmospheric textures just right.

Jano_D: A 3D artist par excellence who has done ship and plane work.. just one of his contributions… the beautiful Wellington cockpit.

Kashiide: Another 3D genius… incredibly fast… Beaufighter and Gladiator fans will enjoy his cockpits… as well as his many other creations.

Spiritus_Mortem: The only guy we’ve met who could write his PhD and learn from scratch the intricacies of 3D modeling… Simultaneously! Author of the Martlet.

ATAG_yotheguy: Another self-taught 3D modeler… started small with vehicles, finished big with a cockpit. CR42 flyers will love his work.

Kopperdrake: What would we be without Hurricanes in the Desert? And we can promise you, there will be lots of Hurris… courtesy this 3D artist.

Danperin: Human skins… artwork, logos, whatever is on the menu, Danperin is an enthusiastic contributor.

JG4_Bendwick: Working hard on our 109F external model. Yes, we know you want it now!

Members on temporary hiatus or semi-retired:

Ivank: His real life experience in F-18’s, A-380’s and Warbirds, not to mention his long experience in Flight Simming makes this Flight Modeler a crucial fixture in the FM department.

Mattias: A generalist in the best sense, shared the Project Manager’s position, the distant aircraft fix was his, as well as many other improvements. Now busy with his real life passion: Architecture.

Biggs: A 3D artist who started the Spit V’s well on their way. Now taking a break.

falkon: Wrote some critical programs for 3D import/export.

Kodoss: Our German 110 specialist… come on back Kodoss!

Hawkzz: Started our first attempt at the P-40… sadly personal and computer issues halted the project.

Bluesix: An able Flight Modeling assistant.

ATAG_Torric: Our bomber testing specialist.

There are many others I have not mentioned… some hopefully to return….

The writer is RAF74_Buzzsaw, lucky enough to be Project Manager and Flight Modeler from the start, owing most of my success to being surrounded by other incredibly talented and generous modders. Took advantage of my place in TF to indulge my two inner demons, the history wonk and the flight data nerd.

Now… a reminder for those who have high level skills in 3D modeling, Codework and yes… Mission building…. we are looking for people who would like the opportunity to join us, enjoy a hobby and have a chance to earn some cash for their work… nobody’s going to make their fortune, but fun and a decent amount more than beer money are a good possibility. Remember though… no money up front… work has to be completed and published… and we only will see revenues if there are successful sales.

— Lots more to come folks… stay tuned, we are just getting started! Cheers to all.

Announcement from Jason Williams at 1CGS just posted on their forums: 1CGS to Cooperate with Team Fusion on IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover

1CGS is excited to announce that we have reached an agreement in principle to cooperate with Team Fusion on future commercial development of IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover. This includes giving Team Fusion access to the Cliffs of Dover source code so they may continue their work to fix and improve Cliffs of Dover and build commercial add-ons for the base title. Such cooperation was made possible only recently as full ownership rights to Cliffs of Dover was returned to 1C Company after many years. We can now allow Team Fusion to continue their work more comfortably and help turn Cliffs of Dover into the product is was intended to be. 1CGS recognizes the hard work and passion that Team Fusion has exhibited in improving Cliffs of Dover and we welcome their continued dedication to the product. We also welcome them to the 1CGS family of developers who help make the combat flight-sim genre and IL-2 Sturmovik series so compelling.

In the coming weeks and months, Team Fusion’s work will be offered as an official content update and patch for Cliffs of Dover on Steam. This update will merge all the current changes and fixes into one update. The update will initially be optional. Not long thereafter, the update will be codified by Team Fusion and officially entered into the source code and file system for the product itself. The title will then be permanently updated through Steam negating the need for a separate patch.

Later in 2017, the first commercial add-on for Cliffs of Dover will be released. The add-on will be focused on the North Africa theater and will update the engine to DirectX 11 and include new airplanes, a new map and other content and improvements. There is a possibility that other theaters will be developed in the future pending the outcome of this first add-on. More information about the North Africa add-on will be made public in the coming weeks.

The Cliffs of Dover product line will be distinct and separate from the IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad line produced by 1CGS. Both game engines will be developed separately by each team with the announced IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Kuban development schedule unchanged and unaffected by this announcement.

Cliffs of Dover and its add-ons will be sold on the official IL-2 website ( and through Steam. There are no current plans to incorporate Cliffs of Dover into the existing 1CGS user account system. Players will continue to manage their Cliffs of Dover install through Steam just as it is done now.

We hope you find this announcement to be exciting and re-assuring that your favorite hobby will continue to grow and flourish. 1CGS and Team Fusion ask for your support as this new era of cooperation and development begins!

The 1C Game Studios Team

The post can be viewed [here] on the 1C il2sturmovik forum

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