Team Fusion Update – Channel Map WIP

MysticPuma Wrote:

Well having had the great news that the Source Code had arrived other parts of our team have been steadily been decoding the current map file and seeing just where some issues currently are.

##All that follows is current Work in Progress and not guaranteed to be included in it’s current revision##

Firstly, there has been the “Great Lakes” of France that came under scrutiny and with a little more tidying up the plug should have been firmly pulled very soon :)



Next comes a surprise for us. Inside the map were hidden features caused by some broken coding. The next  images show the difference in fixing small parts of that code. Nothing has been added in the FMB or by a Mission Builder, what you see was already there but hidden by the broken code.

Marquis West Before:

Marquis West After:

Grand Villiers Before:

Grand Villiers After:

Campagne Les Guines Before:

Campagne Les Guines After:

Grandvilliers Before:

Grandvilliers After:

Isbergues Railway Station Before:

Isbergues Railway Station After:

So as you can see this is just scraping the surface (actually that could be said quite literally) of the map works. We’re sure there is much more to come!


Finally as this is about the map work, here are a few pictures of the current work in progress on the English countryside as we steadily make it look more authentic:


Oh and finally one more picture. This one shows another fix we started work on. Ground to a halt on but now we’re pretty sure we have a good idea of what was going on with the rivers in the distance :)

So hopefully that will tide you over for a few days? Looking forward to whatever the future reveals as we delve into the Source Code, cheers, Mysticpuma/Team Fusion Simulations


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