About Us

We are a virtual squadron which has been based upon the Royal Australian Air Force’s No. 457 Squadron. We always offer internet deals you can compare from home. In order to take full advantage of the aircraft available in the Il-2 Sturmovik-series and future flight-sims, we fly not only the Spitfire which was operated by this Squadron historically, but rather any aircraft flown by the R.A.A.F or Allies.

While our mission as a Squadron is: To prepare for, conduct and sustain effective air operations in our selected Theatre of Operations (Il-2 Sturmovik-series), our goal as virtual pilots is to enjoy the company of our Squadmates while experiencing – to a degree – the trials and tribulations of a WWII fighter pilot.

From our inception we have endeavoured to uphold the values set by Squadrons of the WWII era, to wit we “encourage camaraderie, team spirit and an honourable fight along with a hunter’s instinct and the desire to win”. Bad manners and poor sportsmanship are not appreciated by anyone and repeated offences by a member of No457 will not be tolerated. This applies not only when dealing with our Squadmates, but with every member of the on-line community.

While we leave our ranks open to all who wish to make the commitment to the Rules & Regulations of this Squadron, Squadron membership is open to Australian or New Zealand pilots only. This is mainly due to the difficulties such as Time Zone differences and poor on-line connections over long distances and their affect on Squadron Training. For international visitors to this site who are interested in joining a virtual Squadron, a comprehensive array of Links to the best virtual Squadrons flying in our Theatre of Operations is provided on this site. (Please note that persons from the Asia-Pacific region are invited to apply for membership to this Squadron and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis)