All 457 Squadron pilots will conduct themselves in a manner that upholds the good name of the squadron. Swearing, taunting and other such behaviour will not be tolerated and may lead to dismissal from the squadron. Try to be chivalrous toward your opponent. There’s nothing worse than a sore loser or smug victor. If you have time (i.e. you haven’t got a Focke-Wulf on your six), a salute or ‘S!’ is a good step toward keeping things friendly (even if you’re the one who’s just been shot down). Nobody likes being flamed but try to learn from your enemy. Never forget that while wearing the No457 ‘Uniform’, you represent the entire Squadron. It can take years for a Squadron to gain respect within the Community, but it can take only one instance of misconduct to bring that same Squad into disrepute!

As a No457 Squadron pilot you are expected to turn up for training each Thursday evening at 2030hrs (AEST Time). You owe it to the squadron to be there. We all have lives outside of the squadron and sometimes cannot make it. This is not a problem if you report your absence ahead of time. Your presence on training days counts!!!

Chain of Command
If you cannot show up for training, or if you have a problem, complaint or any other such matter, you should report this to your Section Leader. A post on the Squad Forums is also an acceptable form of prior notification of Absence.As a member of 457 Squadron you will be expected to obey the orders of your commanding officer, both in combat and training situations.

War Protocol
All online Wars will be arranged by the ‘Staff’ of No457. If there is to be a War, the Declaration of War and arrangements thereafter will be handled by the Squadron Adjutant or a member nominated by the Squadron ‘Staff’.

Reserve Status
By definition, Reserve Status is available to any member who, for whatever reason, feels he cannot fulfil his commitment to attend training regularly but intends to resume regular training in the not too distant future. No reason needs to be given even though it would be appreciated. Pilots on Reserve are free to attend any and all training, retain their Rank and duties but forfeit their current Section placement and are excluded from any & all War Operations until again becoming ‘Active’.To keep the Squad in good order, a limit on Reserve Status of 6 months applies. Anyone who is still on Reserve after 6 continuous months will need to submit a request in writing for an extension if they so desire, otherwise they will be asked to Resign and/or be removed from the Roster.

If you wish to resign from 457 Squadron, please inform a member of the ‘Staff’ as soon as possible and certainly before posting your intentions to resign on any Forums. This allows for better co-ordination and is simply good manners.When handled in the correct fashion (as evidenced above) there is a two-week ‘cooling off’ period upon the receipt of a pilots resignation during which time the pilot may revoke their resignation and retain all Ranks, duties and current assignment. After this period however, the pilots name and information will be removed from the Roster to make room for a new pilot.

If a pilot does not turn up for training for 3 weeks in a row¬†<strong>without notifying a superior officer</strong>, their name can be removed from the pilot roster at any time at the discretion of the Squadron ‘Staff’ at which time they will be notified by ‘Staff’ and placed on Reserve Status.Other possible grounds for dismissal are; antisocial behaviour online (see ‘Code of Conduct’ above), disrespect or insulting behaviour toward a fellow Squadron member and repeated failure to obey orders in combat.